October 3, 2019

Cast Marine Offshore is dedicated to ensure the integrity of all vessels put under our care. Having extensive experience and networks in vessel chartering and management, the overall management of vessels are done with swiftness and decisiveness while ensuring that the vessel turnaround time is kept to an absolute minimum.

We understand the importance of keeping your business going and we ensure that it does. By talking with us, we are able to advise and provide solutions on services.

Cast Marine Offshore deliver to anchorages inside Singapore and around the region. We provide customized boat solutions covering your every boat service needs from personalized boat trip to commercial boat service. From the point of origin to its destination, Cast Marine Offshore can be trusted to ensure that deliveries are fulfilled on time and target, every time. Cast Marine Offshore is your answer to all your boat needs.

Our team always strive to deliver any de-slopping service with our preferred partners while at the same time providing excellent customer service and meeting industry standards.